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HST Hydraulic Cone Crusher

HST series hydraulic cone crusher is combined with technology such as machinery, hydraulic pressure, electricity, automation, intelligent control, etc. Unique interparticle crushing action, Automatic control system in an all-round way, Humanized CSS adjusting system, Floating main shaft, Movable cone with shape of steep mantle and concave shape, Safe and reli...

Product Details

Product Usage

Aggregate field,concrete mixing plant,dry mortar plant desulfurization,quartz sand,etc.

Product advantages

  Unique interparticle crushing action

  1.HST high performance hydraulic cone crusher feature a unique combination of crusher speed, throw, cavity design.

  2.Inter-particle crushing works between materials that increases the working life of mantle and bowl liner.

  3.Provide a more consistent gradation and superior products (cubicity). Better performance in the construction and sand making area.

  Automatic control system in an all-round way

  1.Real-time displays the specification of crushing, hydraulic and lubrication in operation.

  2.It can realize unmanned operation by continuously measuring and automatic setting system.

  3.Dynamic adjustment of motor power and crusher pressure under working reduces the unnecessary losses made by human error and maximize energy into production.

  Humanized CSS adjusting system

  1.Constant load setting:The CSS will be adjusted automatically according to the changes of the feeding size, moisture and hardness of the material and make sure the load of the crusher is constant.

  2.Constant CSS setting: Once the CSS is set, the output will be kept by continuously measuring and compensating for crusher liner wear.

  Floating main shaft

  1.The CSS can be adjusted on load.

  2.The flexible gradation adjustment will save the production cost while increasing the benefits.

  Movable cone with shape of steep mantle and concave shape

  1.The mantle has basic angel between 53°-56°, which will reduce the influence of the capacity due to the moisture content.

  2.Design with deeper crushing cavity will optimize HST hydraulic cone crusher with more crushing times and higher efficiency.

  Safe and reliable

  1.Hydraulic system: The design pressure of the sealing elements is 20MPA, the maximum working pressure is 4PMA. Pressure margin produced by the higher pressure improves the reliability of operation.

  2.Air cooling system avoids the disadvantage of water cooling system, such as lack of water and leakage of water.

  3.Adoption of international first-class brand controller, such as Winner, sun, Danfoss, mts, etc.

working principle

HST series hydraulic cone crusher is mainly composed of six parts: upper frame body, lower frame body, movable cone, eccentric sleeve, transmission part and hydraulic cylinder. The horizontal shaft driven by the motor makes eccentric sleeve rotating via the gear, then the eccentric sleeve drives the movable cone rotating to realize continuous stone extrusion.

technical parameter

Model Cavity Maximum feed size(mm) CSS min-max(mm) Capacity(tph) Power KW(HP) Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) Weight (t)
HST100 S1(Extra Coarse) 240 22-38 85-170 90(125) 1535×1275×2710 9.6
S2(Medium Coarse) 200 19-32 70-130
HST160 S1(Extra Coarse) 360 25-54 120-345 132(175) 2045×1635×3040 15.5
S2(Medium Coarse) 300 22-48 105-305
S3(Coarse) 235 19-48 90-275
HST250 S1(Extra Coarse) 450 35-54 255-605 220(300) 2675×2550×3940 28
S2(Medium Coarse) 400 29-51 215-515
S3(Coarse) 300 25-51 190-490
HST315 S1(Extra Coarse) 560 41-76 335-1050 315(400) 3110×2945×4480 43.5
S2(Medium Coarse) 500 38-70 305-895
Model Cavity Maximum feed size(mm) CSS min-max(mm) Capacity(tph) Power KW(HP) Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) Weight (t)
HST100 H1(Fine) 135 10-32 45-130 90(125) 1540×1280×2300 7.5
H2(Medium Fine) 65 8-19 35-80
H3(Extra Fine) 38 4-16 27-60
HST160 H1(Fine) 185 13-38 66-210 132(175) 2000×1550×2600 10
H2(Medium Fine) 90 10-32 65-165
H3(Extra Fine) 50 6-25 48-105
HST250 H1(Fine) 215 16-44 110-395 220(300) 2315×1830×2940 19.5
H2(Medium Fine) 110 13-38 115-340
H3(Extra Fine) 70 8-32 90-255
HST315 H1(Fine) 275 16-51 170-665 315(400) 2740×2200×3590 28.5
H2(Medium Fine) 135 16-38 190-505
H3(Extra Fine) 65 13-22 205-320

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